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2 July Visit to two members' gardens (with refreshments in Jane Hatcher's garden, 18 Bargate)

Karen Tiller 20 Bargate , Richmond
The garden has evolved over 20 years from an overgrown, weed filled former vegetable and soft fruit patch, with several re-incarnations. It is approached up steps, through a yard filled with potted Acers and Hostas prior to gradually sloping up towards the high wall of Waterloo.  Mostly planted with cottage garden plants, trees, English roses, Hostas, Heucheras, Clematis and anything else she can cram in!    
Gayle Pearson 26 Bargate, Richmond DL10 4QY                                                                     A small walled garden, over four levels, with a nod to Japanese style planting with use of Japanese Maples, interesting pine, evergreen and fern species. The main borders feature specimen trees and shrubs chosen to ensure year-round interest including berries, bark, form and leaf colour.  Cobbles, pebbles, gravel and natural stone also a feature.  Large planters and smaller pots give seasonal variation.                                                    

A slide show of some photos from the visit is shown below. The photos were kindly taken by Marcia Howard.



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21 May Visit to Jan Ward's garden Vine Barn, Bellerby
Jan 's garden has evolved over a number of years. There are three parts to it:
1.  Walled garden, part grass surrounded by colourful perennial borders and various sculptures. 
2. Flower beds along the west side of our pebble drive and around the parking area to the back. The planted borders are mainly perennials and include wild flowers, evergreens and an old Magnolia in front of the Lily pond and a variety of clematis  and roses rambling over the buildings.
3. The vegetable, herb and fruit garden also includes maples under planted with wild flowers and seasonal bulbs adding a blanket of colour from February to May. 
A slide show of photos from the visit is shown below.
18 June Visit to three members' gardens

Anna Jackson Stonethwaite House, Seagrim Crescent (Garden Village), Richmond
An intriguingly shaped walled garden, with paths winding through borders, some colourful, some mainly green, planted with shrubs, perennials and lots of tulips.  

Ian and Valerie Dawson 14 Barrack View, Richmond
The back garden is compact, on several levels, surrounded by walls and packed with apple trees, small trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials, some unusual. Many have been planted with flower arranging in mind.  We have a large selection of hostas. The front garden is a very large shrub-covered rockery. They aim to have a variety of textures and colour throughout the year in both gardens. 

Marcia Howard 7 Barrack View, Richmond DL10 4YU
Small courtyard style back garden and sloping front garden, planted to support wildlife, and packed with spring bulbs, perennials, climbers, shrubs, and lots of pots including 2 full of water plants. 

A slide show of some photos from the visit is shown below.