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Wednesday 9 January
Tony Chalcraft on "The Secrets of Perfect Winter Salads"
Tony Chalcraft and Jane Thurlow have a one acre former plant nursery on the edge of York. This has been converted into a garden, open annually for the National Garden Scheme. A large part of the garden is devoted to fruit and vegetable growing as a main aim is to have fresh produce throughout the year.  Winter salads are a key part of the cropping and are grown both outside and under cover in a greenhouse/polytunnel. The talk covered the surprising range of winter salads that can be grown in Yorkshire and included an opportunity to taste some samples.

Wednesday 13 February
Garden Club Question Time with expert Martin Fish
At this meeting members had a chance to fire any questions to Martin Fish. Martin has been gardening since he was a boy helping his Grandma in her traditional cottage garden. He has since gone on to broaden his horticultural field by training and working in a council parks department then moving on to own his own landscape/nursery business. He writes for various garden publications and is a garden expert on BBC Radio. He loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and talking about all things gardening.

Wednesday 13 March
Jane Morris "Plants of Tomorrow: What science has in store for our gardens"
(The presentation can be accessed by clicking on the PDF logo)
Dr Jane Morris is one of our members, and gave a talk on some of the scientific advances in plant breeding. She explained in layman's terms how breeding methods have developed over the years, and what is on the horizon. Plants that light up at night, apples and potatoes that won't go brown - these are just some of the things we might see in garden centres one day. On a more practical level, scientists are also developing plants that grow more efficiently and need fewer chemicals and fertilizers. But does that mean they'll all be genetically modified? Many GM plants are banned within Europe. Jane attempted to explain in layman's terms what other scientific methods are being used that might not be regarded as GM.

Wednesday 10 April
Fiona Dean "How to make a great hanging basket which survives the summer"
Fiona Dean, of Ravensworth Nurseries, established in 1966 five miles from Richmond, gave us a comprehensive demonstration of how to make a hanging basket,  telling us about the best kinds of hanging containers, what growing medium works well and how to keep the plants looking fresh and blooming all summer. Fiona also gave us new ideas on what we can grow in hanging containers, and brought a wide range of plants for sale.

Wednesday 8 May
Members' Evening “Eat, talk, share”
Anna Jackson and Jenny Haywood planned this event which involved quizzes, competitions and lots of prizes including a plant table swap.

Wednesday 11 September
Camassia, Chris Beardshaw, Chelsea and Chaos with Stella Exley
Stella is an independent hardy plant nurserywoman, based in Alne, North Yorkshire, and the National Collection holder of camassia. An exhibitor at all the major shows, she gave us a light hearted look behind the scenes of Chelsea, growing for the winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw.

Wednesday 9 October
Nursery Stories with Caroline Brannigan
Caroline Brannigan is a writer and one of our committee members. She gave us some interesting history about two local nurseries - one major nursery in the Darlington area that was famous for its tomatoes, but is no longer in existence - while the other, Ravensworth nurseries, is thriving and growing. 

Wednesday 13 November
Peter Mathers on London Gardens.
This talk was based around visits to the annual London Open Gardens Weekend when gardens large and small, some public and others very private are opened to visitors.
Peter is a trained speaker with the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.