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Wednesday 10 January
Chris Mortimer “Garden Dreams - the development, design, philosophy of my garden at Mill Barn”
Chris's unique and quirky garden along the River Darwin in Lancashire offers a series of delights with surprises around every corner. More details can be found on

Wednesday 14 February
Steve Bake “Bake and Ladders”
Steve who started off the evening by giving us a brief talk about keeping safe on ladders. There are a few simple ways to avoid falls, but it's so easy to ignore them in our eagerness to get on with the job.
This was followed by Jonathan Hill “Lawns- who needs them?   A new appreciation for the most horticultural part of a garden”
Jonathan Hill is the sales and marketing director of Rolawn, Europe's largest grower of premium quality turf, topsoil and bark. He covered a range of aspects on lawn care and maintenance.

Wednesday 14 March 
Graham Porter “Spring into action”
Graham is the current resident 'gardening expert' on BBC Radio Leeds. The 'Spring into Action' talk was a chance to look at the huge range of propagation opportunities that abound in the spring garden, and encouraged us to get busy at this time of year.

Wednesday 11 April
Julian Davies "Maximising plant potential”
Julian has spent the last 25 years working as an agronomist at an applied R&D centre near York. He carries out commercially funded projects for a wide range of companies in UK, Europe and America. He has a passion for horticulture and runs projects with 25 primary schools enabling children to grow veg and salad.
The talk provided an insight into how commercial growers manipulate plants to achieve the demands of retailers and how gardeners can use some of these techniques. It looked at fertilisers, growing media, biological control, alternatives to chemicals and new developments with LEDs that allow crops to be grown during winter or without any natural light. More on

Wednesday 9 May
Slide show of members' garden photos and Grand Plant Swap.
The season concluded with an informal evening for members to share plants, pictures and cake.

Wednesday 12 September
Don Witton “Walking with Flowers”
In the first meeting after the summer break, we saw holiday snaps with a difference, combining Don's two passions - walking and wildflowers. We saw beautiful pictures of many of our garden plants in stunning scenery where they choose to grow naturally.  More on Don's website:

Wednesday 10 October
Paul Cook “Harlow Carr Garden”
Paul Cook gave us a talk on Harlow Carr Gardens, where he has been was curator since 2013.  He is responsible for managing and developing the garden's plant collections and leading a team of thirty horticulturists, RHS trainees and volunteers.

Wednesday 14 November
Wacks Wicked Plants "Love at first bite” 
We were treated to an entertaining look at the trials and tribulations of growing/displaying carnivorous plants, with pictures and real plants, including some plants for sale. The talk  covered the pitfalls of displaying carnivorous plants as well as information on how to care for them. More on