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Wednesday 13 January 2016
Mike McQuade "Making the most of your greenhouse"
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Mike has been working in horticulture for 28 years. He spent 13 years as a gardener and nurseryman and now works as a lecturer and course manager at Askham Bryan College. He gave a very informative talk about different types of greenhouses, how to look after your greeenhouse, what to grow in it and dealing with problems.

Wednesday 10 February
Dianne Nichol Brown "Plant pests and diseases"
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Dianne is a botanist who lectures in ecology and conservation and holds the national collection of polemoniums. She has won RHS gold medals and is a frequent contributor to radio and TV. She gave a very informative talk about pests and diseases and encouraged the use of non-chemical methods to control them.

Wednesday 9 March
Taylor's Clematis Nursery "Choosing and growing clematis"
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Chris and Suzy Taylor developed a specialist interest in clematis and are now regarded as one of the country’s best providers with nearly 400 varieties on offer. They are probably the best clematis nursery in the north of England and have won many gold medals at shows. They have over 300 varieties of clematis including new patio clematis. They provided much valuable information on growing clematis.

Wednesday 13 April
Helen Hays "Designing a small garden"
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Helen has been a garden designer for 15 years, working mostly in Yorkshire, but with a few projects elsewhere, including one in Spain. She writes for the magazines "The English Garden", "The Garden Design Journal", "Country Homes and Interiors" and "Period Living". Her talk was about the principles and processes that designers go through when working with small gardens. Her talk was detailed and the principles of garden planning carefully explained; there was as much relevance to small areas in large gardens as there was to small gardens per se.

Wednesday 14 September
Wendy and Sue Jefferson "Growing flowers for cutting"
Wendy and her sister Sue have acquired a big reputation for their business Holm Farm Flowers, selling flowers grown on the family farme at Holme on Swale. Their flower fields are famous for the range of traditional and unusual varieties. They won "Best in Show" at the Harrogate festival for their display "Flowers from the fields" and they delighted us with the  hand tied posies and decorative wreaths they were able to create so quickly.

Wednesday 12 October
Neil and Sue Huntley "Alpines and woodland garden plants"
Neil and Sue have been running their hardy plant nursery Hartside Nursery Garden at Alston, Cumbria high up in the North Pennines for over 40 years. They specialize in propagating and growing some of the rarely offered hardy plants from around the world and describe their stock as "plants with altitude"! They introduced us to some interesting plants and also brought plants for sale.

Wednesday 9 November
Jane Morris Abson "Flowering plants of South Africa"
The evening started with a short slideshow of photos taken at garden club events and photos of members' gardens.
Jane lived for many years in the Bronberg Nature Conservancy outside Pretoria in South Africa. South Africa is one of the world's centres of floral diversity with over 20,000 plant species, a number of which are familiar to gardeners in the UK. She was responsible for the ecological portfolio in the Conservancy and catologued over 400 plant species with the help of the botany department at the university. She is a keen photographer and showed us many of her photos of the flora in the Conservancy as well as giving some interesting information about some of their properties and uses.