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Wednesday 14 January 2015
Winter colour
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Michael Myers stepped in at short notice to give a very detailed talk on a wide range of plants
that can provide winter colour in the garden. 
For any members wishing to order from Michael Myers, his catalogue and order form is
available here:

Wednesday 11 February 2015
Flowers in poetry and Beningbrough Hall gardens
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The Garden Club enjoyed a most interesting and diverse evening with two excellent
presentations. Bob Woodings explored for us the use and purpose of flowers in poetry, which
was followed by a talk by Bob Mansfield about  'Hidden and Secret Places of Beningbrough
Hall Gardens- your chance to see what most visitors miss'.

Wednesday 11 March 2015
David Allison “A year in the life of a vegetable gardener”
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David Allison took us through a whistle-stop tour of growing vegetables at our March meeting.
As a National Chairman of the National Vegetable Society, successful exhibitor, respected
judge, magazine editor and published writer, his career path is littered with silver and gold
medals and best in show accolades. As a serious exhibitor at the country’s top shows
(Chelsea, Tatton, Stockport, Malvern etc.) growing perfect veg. has become almost second
nature to him. He is enormously enthusiastic about sharing his expertise, whether through
talks, example or through the many publications he has been involved with.

Wednesday 8 April  2015
Susie White “A blank canvas: creating a garden from scratch”
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The Garden Club enjoyed a fascinating talk by Susie White: garden designer, author of seven
books on gardening, artist, photographer, lecturer and regular contributor to the gardening
press. She spent 23 years running Chesters Walled Garden in Northumberland. Her talk
covered the creation of a new garden when she left Chesters and moved with her husband to
a house in the North Pennines.

Wednesday 9 September  2015
Janette Merilion “Birds bees and butterflies”
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Janette Merilion is a well known horticultural lecturer and historian with a successful garden
design business based in central Lincolnshire. She is concerned about the disappearing
wildlife as a result of intensive farming and she encourages gardeners to provide the right
habitatats for the wild creatures. Her talk covered all we need to plant up our garden to
encourage wildlife to visit: everything from blackbirds to hoverflies and butterflies to

Wednesday 7 October 2015
Martin Fish “Herbs for all occasions”
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With over 35 years of experience, Martin is still passionate about gardening. From being the
country's youngest head gardener at the age of 21 (for Rufford Abbey) he went on to run his
own landscape and nursery business. He is an accredited RHS judge and for five years ran
the Harrogate Flower Shows. He is a regular writer for gardening magazines and a popular
broadcaster for radio and TV. He gave an extremely informative as well as entertaining talk on
growing and using herbs.

Wednesday 11 November 2015
Sarah Hopps "Gardens of Southern Europe"
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Sarah is an enthusiastic plantswoman with her own nursery. She leads garden tours in the UK
and Europe  and is a garden writer and broadcaster. She took us on a journey to lift our spirits
in winter and showed us gardens of the French Riviera, Italian lakes, Malta, Madeira and

This meeting was the last in 2015 and was the 100th meeting of the club!  Accordingly
some celebrations were in order as shown in the photos below:

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_DSC1906a _DSC1904a
_DSC1901a _DSC1900a